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An old newbie
« on: July 30, 2017, 06:07:08 PM »
When I saw this forum I just had to join. I live in the OC and my daughter is treating me as my Father's Day gift to the Fab Four concert at the OC Fairgrounds this year. Actually, we have caught every one of their shows at the Fairgrounds is ever year they have played there. And in 1998 my wife and I were total Disney freaks and premium passholders. One night we were getting off of the Rocket Rod ride and I told her I heard the Beatles singing. She said they were dead. Well, I looked around and down at the Tomorrowland stage which was below the Rocket Rod loading area and told her, no they're not, there they are!! Well, that was the beginning. We were there most nights that they were, with a regular fan group that sat at the table behind their sound engineer. And the lads used to stop by between shows to say hi. Ardi and Ron McNeil were my favorites, as friendly as could be. My wife and I went to a show put on by a big local radio station in a park in LA. And we'd catch them when we could playing at The Grove nightclub in Anaheim by Angel Stadium. As for the real deal, the Beatles, my first wife, who we lost to cancer many years ago, was one of the screaming teenager girls at their first show at Shea Stadium. The Fab Four is every bit as real as the Beatles themselves, and every bit as great.